24 Mar Can Colour Treatments Damage Hair?

Most hair salons will specialise in colouring treatments; from those that rely on bleach to provide highlights, to hair stylists that prefer ammonia based treatments instead. In the past it was common to hear about these treatments causing untold damage to hair follicles and in some cases, men and women lost swathes of hair as a result of reactions.

These days most, if not all, hair treatments have to be approved – and as chemicals are now more closely monitored than ever before, it can be fairly safe to assume that most colouring treatments are okay to use. But even with this reassurance, there are still things that are worth considering relating to the frequency of uses, as well as the type of formulas that are utilised.

Modern formulas

Most serums will include at least a small percentage of ammonia – after all it’s this chemical that is responsible for allowing a new hair colour to be applied to hair follicles. All hair treatment centres will need to comply with regulations on the use of ammonia and this is why most trainee hair stylists will undergo an extensive training period as a part of their education on this exact topic.

There are two types of hair dye – the first is known as permanent and the second is referred to as temporary (or semi-permanent). Their names are quite self-explanatory, but the reality is that even permanent hair dyes can be prone to fading over time. This is because of the inability to really stain hair follicles permanently, as the cells are constantly dying and renewing.

That’s why some people turn to bleach to help with their hair colouring requirements. Plenty of salons use bleach (or the branded equivalent) and the difference with this type of chemical is that it can actually ‘kill’ the natural pigmentation within hair to reveal a lighter shade of the original tone. When practiced by a trained hair care therapist this can be a pretty safe process, but the associated risks such as a dry scalp, hair that dies at the roots and other unwanted side effects can occur with repeat exposure.

And that’s really where the concern over hair colouring comes in. Every so often is fine as the follicles are strong enough to repair. But when bleached and re-coloured consistently, permanent damage can occur – and this is why it’s best to talk to a hair stylist before undergoing repetitive treatments.

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