08 Sep How Are Spas Different to Beauty Salons?

Although many of the features offered at beauty salons are similar in nature to day spa services, the way in which they are performed differs greatly. Where salons are better suited to shorter, and often quicker, sessions – day spas are instead equipped to deal with prolonged therapies. There are other differences that define each type of facility though, so here’s a look at them.

The costs

A regular salon will typically propose its own fees depending on the qualifications of the therapist providing their services. Furthermore, they will charge per session and won’t usually offer extensive packages, like those found at day centres. A salon will usually provide a range of therapists to choose from; each of which will offer their own unique advantages. Cheaper services can be provided by lesser qualified therapists, with more expensive options being best suited to those with greater educations.

beauty-salonThe facilities

A beauty salon will typically feature a variety of treatment rooms, with each of them being equipped to offer a particular therapy. Day spas on the other hand will often go even further, by modifying the layout and appearance of a room to cater to longer therapies. Massages for example may be over in the space of an hour within a salon – but in a day spa they can go on for much longer, so comfort is more of a priority.

The features

A good salon might be equipped with some of the most effective tools and therapy areas, but as the sessions aren’t intended to last for longer than a couple of hours at most, they won’t always cater to treatments as extensively as a day spa might. At a spa, you can expect changing rooms, saunas, swimming areas, hot tubs, shower areas and more – all of which can be ideal to use in between therapies. A salon won’t always offer these features, as a client will simply be expected to come in, undergo a treatment and then leave in time for the next booking.

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